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Cherry Mobile Phones Under P5000

The price and feature of mobile phones do matter in the Filipino market. Today, among the local brands that produce brilliant phones in cheaper prices is Cherry Mobile. In this article, I will walk you through the latest price list of this local mobile company’s gadgets. 
Before anything else, be aware that I will not go through all the mobile devices of Cherry Mobile. Hence, I will only be tackling about CM’s Android devices based on the latest price list provided by this mobile company on its official website. 

To start, I don’t require you to take down notes, but I would recommend that you bookmark this page in case you decide to purchase a Cherry Mobile smartphone under 5K budget.
I think SNAP is the most affordable android phone today. It debuted 3 mos. ago with a retail price of 2,499 pesos. Today, it only cost 1,999 pesos according to the latest price list of CM. In regards to its specifications, it’s a 3.5” capacitive android phone that runs on the 2.3 Gingerbread OS. There’s really no special in terms of the specifications and features of it. But, I did like its 2MP with LED flash camera although it’s a fixed-focus cam.
Spark TV
This smartphone TV debuted on a retail price of 2,699 pesos. Now it is repriced down to 2,199 pesos. It has similar specifications with the SNAP except for its no led flash 2MP main cam, its capability to hold upto 32GB microSD, and its FM radio and TV feature. This smartphone is ideal for TV-shows fanatics.
The 4” capacitive Sonic smartphone was launched with a Php2,999 SRP, and is now for sale on a very affordable 2,699 pesos suggested retail price. In terms of its overall specifications, I did not notice anything interesting except for the fact that it’s a 4” capacitive android phone, which I find unusual to its cheap price.
Click is a 3.5” capacitive smartphone that runs on a 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Unlike the SNAP, Spark TV and Sonic, it has an upgraded operating system & RAM (512mb) which is essential if you intend to run apps smoothly. The design and color choices of Click also made it stand out from other economical android phones. Before, it has a selling price of 3,699 pesos, but is now down to its new retail price of 2,999 pesos.
Flare is a 4” capacitive Ice Cream Sandwich operating system smartphone. Multitasking is a piece-of-cake with this android phone as it runs on a 1.2Ghz Dual Core processor.  It has a whopping 5MP with led flash autofocus cam. It has a 3G capability, GPS, WiFi & Bluetooth. All my praises go with this android phone. But, I think you may want to buy an extra battery for it, as it only comes with a 1500mah battery. Its retail price hasn’t changed and is still for sale for 3,999 pesos.
The Cherry Mobile Hyper is a big-screen 5” capacitive smartphone that runs on the ICS operating system. It also has a 1.2 GHz dualcore processor and a 5MP autofocus with led flash back camera. Basically, it has similarities to the Flare when it comes to features. The only differences are its wider-screen-size and its 2000mah battery which clearly longer lasting than the Flare’s 1500mah power source. No changes has been made for its retail price, it is still for sale for 4,999 pesos.
If I were to buy, I would get the Cherry Mobile Flare as it has all the components of a better smartphone in a cheaper price.

For the latest prices of Cherry Mobile phones, check this link.

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